One Game a Month - February

Posted on March 24, 2014

In catching up with the games I have been making this year, we have now hit Febuary. For this game I thought it’d be fun to kill two birds with one stone. Normally, for valentines day I make a simple and silly program for my girlfriend as a valentines day gift. This time I thought I would make a game for her.

The game in action

The game in action

The Good

When I compare the results of the last month with this month, I can see that I took some of the things I learned into consideration. The main one I notice in particular is the scope of the game. The scope of minesweeper is much much smaller than that of a platformer. That alone made most of the other problems I had much smaller as well.

The Bad

While the scope helped things, that did not stop the problems all together. In particular, in this game I did not take advantage of the state machine pattern. When it came to keeping track of a cell’s state in minesweeper, I went with the sloppier way of numerous if statements. In this case is worked, but thinking back on it the state machine pattern would havemade things a little cleaner.

A heart in the mines

A heart in the mines

The Ugly

Surprisingly, the time consuming task for me this time around was not the code, but the creation of the game assets. I am a terrible artist, and making art that I like is a very difficult task. Next time I will need to be better at picking a theme and art and just go with it.

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