Prototyping a Game - Adding Player Input

Posted on September 24, 2013

Continuing from the last post with prototyping a game based on hacking networks and gaining territory.


A working trojan in action

A working trojan in action

The next step of prototyping is the things that the player controls the board with. Since this is going to be (at least in my head for now) a hacking culture related game, it seemed appropriate to call these trojans.

The way I want this game to work is you have some sort of attack units that follow a single set of instructions. The fun (I think) will come from the player making a set of different units that do different things, and combining their use to form interesting strategies.

Here you see me choosing a particular cell, and when I let the game update the trojan propagates with a specific set of instructions I gave it. In this case I said to infect the top and bottom cell, then infect the right cell, repeating this forever.

Already I can see there are a couple of management problems I will have technically. Right now I’m implementing this by creating new trojans for the cells that are infected, but you can see there is a possibility of a lot of overlap. Maybe next time I will move this logic to be contained within the trojan, and just keep track of the tiles it is currently on.

Making This Into a Game

Already I can see the possibility for a bit of the thinking kind of fun. Originally when I envisioned this I was seeing a battle of territory between two adversaries, each using their respective techniques to take over, but there are a lot of other areas that can be changed to possibly add more fun. Simple off the top of my head things include:

Next up on the Plate

Next time I will probably do a little optimization in how propagation works, and then work out a simple way to create trojans in the GUI, seeing how things play out.

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